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Northern Minnesota is a land of rolling hills, thousands of beautiful lakes and rugged outdoor activities. Although sparsely populated, the area is dotted with fishing and hunting lodges and resorts. Bear and moose roam among the tall evergreens as eagles soar overhead. The air is clean and crisp and the sun shines brightly as Minnesota’s state bird, the loon, swims in the clear waters.

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Voyageurs National Park is located on US/Canada border and covers three large lakes... Rainy Lake, Kabatogama Lake and Namakan Lake and many smaller lakes. The lakes make up over a third of the park’s 200,000-plus acres. The park’s name recognizes the French-Canadian voyageurs who left Montreal in pursuit of the fur trade... particularly beaver. The voyageurs typically would trade their European-made goods with the native Ojibwe for furs trapped by the Ojibwe. Although the park’s three visitor centers are located on scenic mainland sites, a boat is necessary to fully appreciate the park. Several boat tours of varying lengths originate from the Rainy Lake Visitor Center. The hard Canadian Shield granite was not easily eroded by the Ice Age glaciers. As a result, the lakes have very irregular shorelines, islands are plentiful and navigation can be hazardous to the uninitiated. Bald eagles are firmly re-established in this area and visitors are virtually assured to see some of these majestic birds with the help of a tour guide.

Near International Falls, by the park’s western end, lies the quaint little town of Ranier... home to Woody’s Fairly Reliable Guide Service and Woody’s Rainy Lake Resort. Beginning with his fishing and hunting guide service over 30 years ago , owner Barry "Woody" Woods has grown his service into a sportsman’s oasis on the shores of Rainy Lake including lodging, deluxe fishing dock and pub. Passionate about his business and Rainy Lake, Minnesota, Woody is always ready to welcome new and returning guests.


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