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Frankenstein's Monster Has Been Put To Sleep

In 1997, I began my first travel website... dubbed "Mike Bechtol's Travel Page". Using Microsoft Front Page, I filled my primordial, phone-modem powered website with family vacation photos, and lots of information and stories from my family's road trips to New England, Michigan, Washington DC, the Atlantic coast, New Orleans and Colorado. The website was sufficiently modern for the late 90s, but the Front Page software soon became obsolete. I ultimately adopted Adobe Dreamweaver, a powerful, but complex, website building software, to build on top of what I had already created. As the years passed, I learned that Dreamweaver was much more complex and time-consuming than what I truly needed. My 20-year old website had grown quite large... but it had been through two software programs, several ISPs and hosting services, and decreasing tech support. Maintaining it had become a chore. The pages created in the late 1990s looked quite different from those created over the last few years. Consisting of various styles created with various software with my changing abilities, it had become a digital Frankenstein's Monster. The last straw was just last year when my suck web hosting company (IX) sold to en even worse company (Site5), resulting in woefully inadequate tech support. I have decided to put my old "Frankenstein's Monster" to rest, and start over from scratch with user-friendly web-based software / hosting (Wix). My old site had well over 100 pages, so converting the site will be tedious. Fortunately all of the content is backed up and the photos are well labeled. I will also be able to add some new features like this blog, more easily navigable photo galleries, a smart phone version, as well as some other 21st Century stuff. I'm looking forward to another 20 years of "Mike Bechtol's Endless Highway". Sleep well, Frank.

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