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  For decades, Niagara Falls has been a prime destination for newlyweds. For better or worse, one of the world's most beautiful and powerful natural wonders is surrounded by heavy development. All of the tall buildings, casinos and touristy kitsch may detract from Niagara Falls' powerful beauty. However, the development allows for many vantage points to view the magnificent falls, as well as many attractions and activities to further enjoy the visit.


  I’ve been to Niagara Falls about 5 times in my lifetime. Just a 5 ½ hour drive from Coshocton, Ohio, the powerful 180-foot tall falls inspire awe.  For my 2014 eastern Canada tour, II would be crossing the US/Canada border at Niagara Falls. I decided to make a brief two-hour stop to exchange currency, relax and enjoy the falls. There are many ways to view and experience the falls on both sides of the border. The Maid of the Mist and Hornblower boat tours take rain-pancho-clad visitors to the falls to experience the full power of nature. On the American side, the Cave of the Winds tour takes visitors on a mist-soaked adventure at the base of the falls. 


  For a brief Niagara Falls visit, the iconic Skylon Tower is an ideal way to view the falls. Completed in 1965, Skylon Tower stretches 520 feet above street level and 775 feet above the base of the falls. Perched on the Canadian side of the gorge, the tower features three external windowed elevators that carry guests to the observation deck, providing stunning views and photo opportunities of the roaring falls and city below. On an exceptionally clear day, visitors may see the skyline of Toronto, about 50 miles away as the crow flies. The base of the tower has gift shops, fast food and an amusement arcade. 


  The Revolving Dining Room is Skylon Tower’s signature feature. The circular dining room rotates 360 degrees every hour, assuring diners of extraordinary ever-changing views of the falls and the city. Featuring award-winning steaks, seafood and carefully prepared continental cuisine, Skylon’s Revolving Dining Room is ideal for a romantic dinner for two as well as a unique family vacation experience. The uniformed staff, attentive service and great presentation all lend to a classy atmosphere as you overlook one of the world’s most outstanding natural treasures.  


- Mike Bechtol 1999, 2005, 2014

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