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Maui's Road to Hana - A Spectacular Roadtrip

HA 06 Hana.JPG

Some of Hawaii’s most spectacular scenery can be seen Maui’s "Road to Hana". While The Road to Hana is one of the most beautiful drives anywhere, it is not for everybody. If you’re traveling with children who tend to be unimpressed with magnificent scenery or anybody in your party is prone to carsickness... then the Road to Hana is not for you. This narrow road winds 52 miles between the quaint historic town of Paia and the sleepy, isolated, distinctively Hawaiian village of Hana. It twists along the mountainous coast through over 600 hairpin turns and switchbacks through coastal valleys and gulches, 54 one-lane bridges and many more sections of one lane roadway with frequent elevation changes. The drive is not easy. However, the strong of stomach are richly rewarded with breathtaking beauty unspoiled by development. Countless waterfalls tower above and cascade beneath the aging one-lane bridges. Tulip trees, mango, passion-fruit and papaya trees, rainbow eucalyptus and other colorful rainforest foliage lines the road. Sea cliffs and crashing waves are visible below. There’s even a black sand beach near Hana. The endpoint of the journey (as far a most rental car contracts permit) is Oheo Gulch, also known as the Seven Sacred Pools. Although the name would seem to indicate otherwise, there are actually dozens of pools and waterfalls within the area... eventually pouring into the sea. Despite the peril, visitors are permitted to jump from the cliffs, swim in the pools and climb into the waterfalls. Facilities along the road to Hana are limited. There are no corporate icons, no towering hotels and very few dining options. The tradeoff is unspoiled, exotic beauty.  - Mike Bechtol 2008

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